YVR-TF2-4wFSM Group LLC (FSM Group), an affiliate of FSM Management Group Inc., is a multidisciplinary professional services firm that provides airport fuel consortium administration, fuel infrastructure project and construction management, engineering and environmental management, business consulting, and structured finance solutions for aviation fuel and ground fuel facilities at major airports in North America. FSM Group also provides niche solutions for fuel system management at smaller and mid-size airports.
Operating from offices in Montréal, Orlando, Toronto and Vancouver, FSM Group is currently managing several airport fuel facility construction projects, either under way or in the planning stage, which combined are valued in excess of $500 million.
For more than a decade, FSM Group has managed the design and construction of large-scale jet fuel offloading, storage and distribution systems at international airports in North America.
We have also structured multi-million dollar long-term financing programs at the Toronto, Montréal and Vancouver international airports, in addition to managing the accounting, legal, and borrowing requirements of getting large-scale projects off the ground.
Apron Fuel Services Inc. (AFS), an affiliate of FSM Group, provides a wide range of operational and business administration services for airport gas and diesel facilities, including gas and diesel procurement, inventory management through web-based systems, accounting management and billing services, and management of legal and finance services. AFS is trusted by airlines, airport management companies, fixed based operators, aviation service companies, and ground transportation companies to manage the procurement and distribution of millions of gallons of fuel annually.