Project Management

FSM Group provides construction and project management services at airports throughout North America. Our team brings a unique level of expertise along with a fresh perspective to every project allowing us to produce innovative methods that deliver the best solutions. We are proficient in methodologies and systems that ensure projects are executed within budget and on schedule. The services FSM Group provides range from concept planning to design to construction and include:

  • project coordination and planning within the airport environment
  • preparation of feasibility studies
  • management of project scope, schedule and cost
  • coordination of contractors and consultants
  • management of regulatory permit applications
  • field supervision and construction management
  • management of impact assessments
  • coordination of new system commissioning

Jet Fuel Infrastructure

We undertake major airport fuel system expansion and modification projects, including:

  • bulk fuel storage tank facilities
  • jet fuel delivery pipelines
  • underground jet fuel hydrant systems
  • process facilities such as filtration, pressure testing and back-up power systems
  • rail offloading systems
  • marine terminal and offloading systems
  • operations buildings
  • gas and diesel storage tank systems

Civil Infrastructure

FSM Group also undertakes the management of major construction and improvement projects associated with other airport civil infrastructure, including:

  • underground watermains
  • sanitary lines
  • fire protection systems
  • electrical emergency control systems
  • communications platforms
  • parking pads
  • service roads