Kevin Mathison, MBA

Kevin Mathison is a solutions-driven leader, pilot, and collaborator. His nearly 45 years of expertise ranges from military to civilian, piloting and operations to management and acquisitions.

Kevin aims to build a high performing team in any role he occupies. It is this mindset, coupled with his ability to understand how things work operationally, that makes him capable of effectively teaching others, streamlining and standardizing processes, and implementing change in a positive way.

Kevin’s experience as a pilot and as a U.S. Naval Officer arguably molded him into the leader he is today. His military precision, drive, and communication style all contributed to the successful transition from piloting 757s to leading enterprise-level projects at Delta Air Lines.

Today, as the VP of Worldport in Atlanta, Kevin focuses on operational reliability, optimizing performance, and delivering superior customer service by empowering the entire Worldport team.

Kevin has a B.S. in Engineering (Naval Architecture) from the U.S. Naval Academy and an MBA of Management from Troy State University.