At FSM Group, we are committed to engineering and operational excellence.

With our combined knowledge of 100+ years in the aviation industry’s fuel operations and financial fields, our management team provides the expertise and insight required for our valued clients. Our services are founded upon communication, respect, and trust.

We know the complexities of managing a fueling operation safely, cost-effectively, and on-time. Our team of dedicated professionals stands ready to assist with your operations.

Keith Ryan

President and CEO

Keith Ryan is an aviation service industry veteran with more than thirty years of experience. He has served in numerous positions with various aviation service companies, eventually becoming President and Chief Executive Officer of Aircraft Service International Group (ASIG) in 2002.

Keith was responsible for the strategic planning and financial success of ASIG between 2002 and 2012 and had oversight for seventy-one airport operations throughout North America, Europe and Asia. As President, he led ASIG through several key acquisitions, multiple new start-ups and an expansion of the company’s distribution network.

Keith has joined FSM Group as a Partner and will lead the expansion of its service portfolio in the United States. FSM Group LLC will deliver a full range of services to the aviation fuel industry.

Colin Ryan

Executive Vice President

Colin Ryan joined FSM Group in 2015 as Director of Operations and currently serves as Executive Vice President. Colin led the acquisition and operational integration of C.D. Hallock Trucking in March 2016, which led to FSM’s big debut in the US aviation fueling market at the busiest airport in the US with one of the top airlines in the industry—Delta Airlines at Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport (ATL).

Colin was responsible for the successful startup in ATL, and 5 additional airports since. His emphasis in operational oversight and keen eye for detail makes him an asset in Operations and Logistics, therefore he oversees all the FSM Group’s commercial activities, as well as FSM’s wholly owned subsidiary C.D. Hallock Trucking.

Colin has over a decade of experience in the aviation industry, specifically in Supply Logistics and Fuel Services.

Patrick Callan

Chief Financial Officer

Patrick joined FSM Group as CFO in 2020 as the Chief Financial Officer (CFO). His long-standing relationship with Delta Air Lines, 16 years of experience in the industry, and his background in commercial airline finance, supply chain management, and fuel management makes him a powerful addition to the FSM Group’s Leadership Team.

Patrick has extensive experience in jet fuel procurement and operations, including into-plane fueling and fuel consortium leadership. He has also held industry leadership positions with A4A and IATA.

Patrick holds a B.S.E in Marine Engineering & Naval Architecture from the University of Michigan as well as an MBA in Finance & Supply Chain Management from Michigan State University.

Rich Piper, MBA

Vice President of Finance

Rich Piper has over twenty-five years of accounting and corporate finance experience. Rich entered the aviation service industry in 2004 with Aircraft Service International Group (ASIG) serving in multiple accounting/finance positions, with the last being Sr. Manager of FP&A.

ASIG was acquired in February 2017 by Menzies Aviation and Rich was heavily involved in both the pre-acquisition and post-acquisition transition teams. Rich left Menzies in August 2017 to join FSM Group LLC as Director of Finance.

Ron Zunk

Vice President of Human Resources

Ron Zunk served as Vice President of Human Resources with Aircraft Service International, Silver Airways, and Prime Flight before joining FSM Group in 2019.

Ron’s extensive experience in successful massive airport start-ups, and transitions throughout multiple cities both domestically and internationally prove he is a valuable member of the FSM Group team. He specializes in acquisitions, HR processes, which ensures that a skilled work force is always available to meet business needs.

Ron also has extensive union experience in both the NLRB and the RLA. Ron’s HR Teams add value, reduce costs, exceed compliance standards, and guarantee staffing sustainability through key HR performance indicators. The common theme among Ron’s approach to people is an emphasis on Diversity/Respect and developing supervisor/manager’s people skills.

He is a graduate of the Ohio State University, Labor and Human Resources.

Cindy Cesani

HR & Benefits

Cindy has 20 years of Human Resources experience, ranging from general experience to specialized roles. Throughout her HR career, Cindy has worked in multiple industries, including: nonprofit, technology, energy, banking, and aviation. Historically, Cindy gravitates towards leadership roles in start-up organizations, mergers, and acquisitions.

Cindy’s work ethic, management skills, people skills, and niche knowledge of Human Resources specializing in start-ups, mergers, and acquisitions make her a valuable asset to the team. At FSM, Cindy works specifically with Health and Welfare, People Management, HRIS, and Retirement.

David W. Cooler

Vice President of Operations

David is a dedicated aviation professional with more than 35+ years of experience in Airport, FBO, and Airline operations. His repertoire includes: budget development, administration, mergers and acquisitions, station start-ups, customer service, implementing safety initiatives, sales, and marketing.

David’s motivational and interpersonal skills make him an excellent communicator and an effective leader. He has the ability to analyze operations and growth opportunities, and then introduce strategic solutions that improves competitive performance, efficiency, and effectively reduces costs.

David’s aviation career has included executive management positions at Butler Aviation, BBA Aviation (Signature Flight Support and Aircraft Service International Group), and Quantem Aviation. David is also a veteran of the United States Naval Reserve.

Clint Lonon

Vice President of Consortiums

Clint Lonon is a thirty-year commercial aviation fuel service veteran who has served in several leadership and technical roles in both on and off airport aviation fuel systems.

Clint has worked at some of the country’s largest airports and ports – MCO, HKPT, CFPL, TPA, RSW, DEN and ATL, managing the M&O operations along with marine shipments, truck racks, pipelines, GSE fuel storage and into-plane fueling.

Clint’s hands-on experience along with his technical knowledge of start-ups, fuel inventory, quality control, hydrant systems, pipeline operations and capital projects will most assuredly ensure a smooth transition during every future expansion project.

Kevin Mathison, MBA

Vice President of Worldport

Kevin Mathison is a solutions-driven leader, pilot, and collaborator. His nearly 45 years of expertise ranges from military to civilian, piloting and operations to management and acquisitions.

Kevin aims to build a high performing team in any role he occupies. It is this mindset, coupled with his ability to understand how things work operationally, that makes him capable of effectively teaching others, streamlining and standardizing processes, and implementing change in a positive way.

Kevin’s experience as a pilot and as a U.S. Naval Officer arguably molded him into the leader he is today. His military precision, drive, and communication style all contributed to the successful transition from piloting 757s to leading enterprise-level projects at Delta Air Lines.

Today, as the VP of Worldport in Atlanta, Kevin focuses on operational reliability, optimizing performance, and delivering superior customer service by empowering the entire Worldport team.

Kevin has a B.S. in Engineering (Naval Architecture) from the U.S. Naval Academy and an MBA of Management from Troy State University.