Environmental Management

The environmental department at FSM Group is comprised of experienced engineers and highly trained environmental personnel that are responsible for conducting and maintaining an array of testing, monitoring and performance programs at airport fuel facilities in North America. On behalf of our airline clients, FSM Group ensures that existing and new fuel system components adhere to current standards related to pipeline pressure testing, corrosion protection, groundwater and effluent quality testing, site remediation, and spill prevention.

Our services extend beyond managing day-to-day environmental programs. We are also involved in the project management and coordination of site delineation, decontamination, remediation, and development project environmental assessments. Specifically:

  • phase I and phase II environmental site assessments,
  • federal and state environmental impact assessments for development projects,
  • regulatory compliance reporting,
  • public consultation hearings,
  • coordination of environmental consultants and contractors, and
  • field supervision and quality control.