Web Interface

No software is required, AFS is web-based!

The AFS Fuel Management System is a web-based user interface that provides clients with complete control of their fuel and fueling facilities, all from the comfort of an office via the Internet at ApronFuelServices.com.

Real-Time Fuel Control

The AFS Fuel Management System instantly captures all fueling activity across a network and makes it available on a web interface seconds after fueling is complete. The AFS Fuel Management System connects fuel islands and fleet data nationwide allowing them to be controlled from one website, all in real time.

AFS-data-reportsWith Real-Time Control, via the click of a button, you can immediately:

  • Stop certain drivers from accessing fuel.
  • Block specific equipment from accessing fuel.
  • Block access to specific fuel pumps and sites.
  • Move a vehicle to a different account, department or tax jurisdiction.
  • Send a driver a message through the AFS Fuel Pedestal.

You can also Control in Real Time:

  • Which operators are authorized to dispense fuel at fueling facilities.
  • The amount of fuel a specific piece of equipment is authorized to receive.
  • Which equipment is authorized to receive fuel at fueling facilities.
  • View fuel levels in tanks, if integrated to tank level gauging hardware.

Detailed Fuel Reporting

With the AFS Fuel Management System you can:

  • Run detailed Fuel Management Reports by date range, department, site, equipment class, product type, equipment number, and employee.
  • Export data to accounting systems by tailoring the AFS export template and adapting it to input requirements of your accounting software.
  • Customize who can access the web interface in order to control how data is viewed.
  • Produce Tax Reports for government tax rebate programs and greenhouse gas emissions programs by easily filtering fuel transactions.
  • Export data into maintenance software enabling better maintenance scheduling.

How Data is Displayed

Fuel Consumption Reports

Create detailed reports that list the amount of fuel used per vehicle or operator tied in with odometer or hour meter readings. Reports can be downloaded in CSV file format or viewed in a summarized format online at ApronFuelServices.com.

Fuel Data Reports

Set drop-down parameters to filter information that is tailored to your needs and properly utilize data. The degree of access for employees can be customized to control who can view information and who can change it. Reports can be created online or downloaded to Excel and imported into an accounting system.